Long ago, I heard that beauty was ‘an unfaithful mistress’, and that it can be possessed only by women. As I grew up I found myself surrounded by beautiful women, the sad thing was they were hated and mocked behind their backs. They were considered either dumb or heartless or both, it was as if they had committed a crime by being beautiful. The comments they got were harsh, the rumours were as usual false, beauty was like a curse which they knew they had to deal with until wrinkles appeared on their once flawless face. If they smile then it was considered as a sign of flirtation, if laughed out loud then it was considered as a way of attracting attention, if they had a frown face then it was concluded they had a moody personality. Whatever, it was they were always the ‘subject of envy’, it was so true. I carried on the notion that men are least hit by how the other fellow mates look, but I was wrong. I am happy that I did not take long to see the waves were same in the other camp too, and this is the reason why I am writing this article.

I came up with an idea to do an independent research for a feature write-up on ‘Beauty envy’ it had a lot to do with deep thinking (it was analytical in content). Side by side, I enrolled myself in a class, my good luck was that- there was this Sean O’ Pry looking guy in the class, he was overly handsome, wore designer clothes from head to toe- Zara, Prada, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, on the top of it, he drove BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes depending on the weather. Most of the girls had a crush on him; I was the exception. One fine day, a bunch of guys was gossiping in a very low tone, I was curious so I pulled my chair nearer to them and heard every bit of it in detail. Oh! They had a problem, I mean lots of problems with 'Mr. Straight Out of Mills and Boons', they hate the fact that he was always clean shaven, hate that his hair was incorrect fashion, hate that he was rich and smart, but above all, they were threaten for he was a knocker. One complained, “He thinks himself as an actor? Always so dressed.” Then it was followed by another comment, “Look at his spikes!” It was supported by the words, “God knows how much hair gel he must be using.”, and hai then someone said, “He looks as if he had an electric shock.”, “He is dumb, wears anything stupid.”  As the days went by; the preconceptions of him followed- he must be a big show off, womanizer, spoil brat and irresponsible, dumb and etc. I just wanted to yell out, “Leave the boy alone!” But no, things lasted for three months. I wonder what happen out of sudden that they stopped bitching about him, maybe they got bored or maybe they had reasons of their own. However, one thing got cleared- handsome guys like beautiful girls are envied.

I wonder how useful envy is, I wonder if there is a difference between envy and jealousy...By the way, at the end of the research I developed a huge crush on him, and every time he smiled at me (which I believe was for me), it was a joy…muah!


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