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11 Types of Popular College Guys in Nagaland

1.The Hallelujah Kind-Nagaland with 88% Christian population can never fail to produce girls who love religious guys. There is no rule that he should always quote Bible verses in the cafeteria chat, but he is so committed to his faith which surrounds him with an aura that girls (a particular set of girls) find themselves attracted to him. Well, God must be really happy with him for making the girls reaffirm their conviction in believing 'He created everything beautiful'. 'I Love Jesus' T-shirts are hard to find, sad.
2.The Lead Guitarist- In the land filled with music lovers, the guy who plays the lead guitar in the college band is hard to miss. He is the girl in the middle when it comes to receiving attention showered to his band members.  We live in a world where injustice prevails, the bass guitarist might know his instrument better than the lead guitarist but he hardly gets the attention he deserves. And in worst case scenario, the lead guitarist hogs the limelight …
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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Wedding of Your Ex- Debunking Why You Shouldn’t!

It’s nothing to do with Self-Respect- You don’t have any self-respect when you go to your ex’s wedding uninvited. But if you are invited then it is like making the full use of the opportunity to prove yourself why you are in fact the most awesome ex of this 21st Centurya century filled with egoistic people.It teaches you Self-Control- In your greeting card, you will be tempted to write long mushy note narrating how painful your breakup was. Taylor Swift and Elton John might applaud it but no, you are not going to write about the post-traumatic medicine you had after the split. I mean, you will refrain yourself from narrating all the Civil War romance crap you had. You are going to keep it short and sweet. Hence, this is pure self-control.It will teach you how to be Polite- Now listen, there will be people or at least one person who would ask you, how do you know the groom/bride? Well if the truth is, you met at a party and had one night stand but he/she was like professional porn st…


Atina marked her calendar, it was the first day of December. The evening looked so beautiful; she was blessed to breathe fresh air after a long time, for her Dimapur was horrible in summers, but tolerable in winters. She buttoned her blue coat which was bought five winters ago, was saddened when she noticed a button missing. In desperation she said, “If it was in a novel then the hero would have come from the back and said, excuse me, lady, I believe this is from your coat and my eyes” Her imaginations were back to the ground when a voice from behind exclaimed, “So, this is the Nagaland of 2017!”
She turned back to witness the most handsome creation of God. It was love at first sight. He continued, “I am a man from the past.”
He narrated Atina the beauty of his journey. He was a genius, apparently. He built a time machine in the year 1963, the year Nagaland got her statehood, he sat on it and boom…there he was, exploring Nagaland of 2017. She easily believed in him. Well, because he wa…


 “Red diamond might be the most precious stone in the world but according to astrology, it is not compatible for many people’s birth charts.”
Intro For the past 15 years, he was her crush. She used to collect news about him from common friends and was happy to know he was still alive. In the year 2012, She sent him a friend request on Facebook, which he accepted after two days. He never hit the ‘Like’ button on her posts or pictures, she did the same.
Day 1 But in the month of May 2015 after getting a rejection letter from an Editor of a reputed journal, she finished two bottles of wine, got shit tipsy but was filled with an unknown courage.  Stalked the walls of all the hot guys known to her, he was no exception. She inboxed him ‘hi’, and within seconds she got his ‘hi’. She flirted with him, all the latent aka suppressed feelings took control of her  (Damn! She should have just switched off her laptop and gone to bed that night). His words gave her the hint, he too was easy and with r…


There is a Greek saying, ‘those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.’ So, when their rage is over how to the gods excuse themselves? The answer is simple, one with the best handwriting comes and writes on the ceiling, ‘some are born mad, some achieve madness, some have madness written in them.’ I do not know which class I fall under, but I am enjoying this madness of mine.
I went to the city’s best psychologist. Damn, he has more problems than me. His smell was nauseating. He could not arrive at a solution. And right now what I want is the solution. Love is an economic good, it can be sold. Love is a social good, it should be accessed freely.
As a kid, I was nicknamed as Yoda. This hurt(ed) me a lot, it created an impact on me so great that even cosmos could not settle me, even if it tried. I grew up, did a research on the origination of ‘Yoda’. Got to know that Yoda’s look was inspired from Albert Einstein. The first face that comes to a person’s mind when we say ‘geniu…


   Let me tell you a story about a man and a woman… She was dying, he was her ex-lover, He came to visit her with a bouquet and his wedding card, Maybe he could not think of a better way to hurt her. She knew him totally, his intentions, his actions, ‘Finally, the loser is going to score.’ Sarcasm was her first language. To this, he replied, ‘too bad, you’ll be dead to see my victory,’ She gave back, ‘trust me, I ‘m going to live long enough to see you miserable, ruined and divorced.’ He smiled, ‘no way, she is not like you.’ ‘Sweeter than honey, dangerous than cyanide, that’s me,’ she threw the card on the floor. As usual, he came up with a conclusion, ‘let’s strike a deal, shall we?’ ‘Oh, the same predictable you. What’s the deal?’ ‘If you survive this bloody ordeal then I lose. If I survive my marriage then you lose.’ ‘I will survive, deal!’ It was a thumb up from her side, He walked away, deep down he was desperate to lose, She smirked, deep down she was desperate to lose. Their egos were huge but…


Date the man who respects poetry, 
Date the man who knows life is full of obstacles, and poetry is the creative reply to those obstacles,
Date the man who acknowledges Universe is a poem written by Space and Time,
Date the man who agrees with Mr. John Keating in Dead Poets Society when he says, “We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race, and the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering- these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love-these are what we stay alive for.”
Date the man who does not present other’s poetries as his own on the social networking sites to score chicks,
Date the man who creates songs from the poems hidden in his diary,
Date the man who knows Yehuda Amichai is not a Lebanese chicken recipe, 
Date the man who doesn’t stick only to Byron, Keats, Shelley, Blake, and Wordsworth.
Date the man who knows how to be a raging f…