Have you heard of Imye Longkumer? He is not the next James Bond, he is not the Time Person of the Year and definitely, he is not dating Emma Watson. Then why am I interviewing him? Simple, there are many underrated individuals in the world, especially the ones indulging in the creative fields. Such is Imye Longkumer, the singer with a sultry voice, who sings love songs with a pain which act like a medley of piccolos, horns and bassoons, he sings songs of freedom, peace and harmony that might motivate you to win the battle you are fighting. He is an excellent wedding singer, I believe you are not comparing him with Adam Sandler, please don’t. Come wedding season then you will see him in and around Mokokchung, his hometown, blessing the newlyweds and entertaining the guests.

 Following is from the Q&A session we had some weeks ago.

Can you talk about that one defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

I cannot exactly pinpoint a moment when I stopped and said, “Hey, I am going to be a musician!” Because music has been a part of me since as long as I can remember. However, one important factor that boosted my enthusiasm was when people appreciated my original music and encouraged me.

What challenges you had/have to face in your chosen career? How did/do you overcome your challenges?

Growing up as a music lover was tough. Back in the days, we had very less appreciation and value for talent. Moreover, lack of facility was a major factor. Finding a good guitar to perform in a show was a painstaking task. However, I am glad the music scenario is rapidly changing for the better. My family always taught me to follow my dreams and always believed and supported me at what I do. This had been the one elixir that kept me going.

Any specific genre you stick to? Why did you choose this particular genre?

I believe music must be subject to change and improvement. I like to explore and experiment with music. Thus, I like almost all genres of music. However, I incline more towards country music because I grew up listening to them and I grew fond of it.

Does your music carry a particular message or is it meant for pure pleasure?

Music must tell a story, it must relate to people and touch souls. I believe country music has that power. Yes, my music has a story to tell. It relates to life’s experiences. It comes from the heart. All my music has memories behind it. We are all influenced by what we see and hear, and music can be a powerful tool for it. Thus, I believe in “music for change.” I believe in telling a story, a message, to my listeners.

Can you talk about your training? Greatest inspiration? Who/what kept you motivated?

Besides learning how to read music scores, all the instruments I taught myself. When I was young I took inspiration from people around me who could sing. Seeing people perform on stage was a treat for me. Among them was also my brother. This gave me inspiration and kept me motivated. Besides that, Bob Dylan’s works, as well as other country singers, were a great inspiration to me.

Thank You!

It is true, Nagaland is the first state in India to have introduced music as an industry. No Grammy winners yet, but some of them have made it big, some still deserve more critical attention and sales than they are given at present. Anyway, this article is my attempt to encourage (might be naive) this lively singer to do what he loves. He might influence the mainstream singers in years to come, you never know.

Please click the links below if you want to hear his songs.


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