We are humans, hence, we are subject to embarrassing situations caused by our clumsiness; often we are victims of our failed jokes, and when it gets lonely we laugh reminiscing a good-old-funny remark. Life is short, not everything goes as the way we want, and that is exactly why it is good to share the company of someone who will crack jokes to lighten the mood when things take an ugly bewildering turn. Meet Merenla Imsong the… she is the person that makes us say, ‘My tummy hurts, overeating is not the reason, though.’ I am begging her to come up with her own standup comedy show, she is great. She is an entertainer, not a comedian, she corrects me. Looks like she prefers generic over brands. Anyway, these are her replies to the questions I asked.

Now, tell all the gorgeous people how you became interested in doing what you are doing?
How did I get interested in doing all this? I can’t remember. Being nutty has always been a personality trait of mine.

Do you have a specific comedic style? Any specific influences?
You know the funny thing is, I am not really a comedian. All my jokes always fall flat (I have an inventory of the lamest pickup jokes ever invented) so I find it funny when people find me funny. Maybe I am a joke and that’s what makes me funny? Yikes!

What do you enjoy more, acting or being completely nuts or something else entirely?
I enjoy having a nice musk melon smoothie after I reach home. I also enjoy the entire process of prepping up for a play till it is finally performed on stage.

How do you react to a sexist remark camouflaged as a joke?
Depends highly on whether I am PMSing or not when the joke is told. It can range from a simple rolling of the eyes to full on Valar Morghulis mode.

What is your life’s theme song?
I don't have a theme song! Thank you for bringing this up. This is what my life has been lacking. I need to get on this. Total epiphany moment here.

Going by the stereotype comedians are usually considered as emotionally damaged people. If this stereotype is true then are you an exception?
ARE THEY???!!! Oh my goodness. I need to go reevaluate my life.

Is there a uniqueness in Naga humour?  Is their taste a bit different from the mainstream audience?
The thing about us Nagas is that we don't shy away from making fun of ourselves. We openly embrace it and no one takes offence, which is a great attitude. I think making people laugh is an inherent part of our culture, which also stems from the fact that we want others around us to be happy.

Do you have any joke for your fans, I mean as Christmas gift?
A joke? I should probably show you my bank account. That would definitely qualify as a joke.

                                                       Thank you!

Check her talent: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Imsong-904947952910427/?fref=ts

                                   (Undisputed Winner of The Accent Challenge)

Fun Facts: I have known Merenla Imsong since 2008. She was indeed my successor for the crown of Miss Fresher, North Eastern Students House for Women Students Delhi. She mimics my ‘Have a nice day!’ wish very well.

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