1. She thinks Joan of Arc wasn’t a witch, but a political pawn under patriarchal authority. Solidarity among the witches is too strong.

2. She reads a hell lot of books. She is always ready to acquire new knowledge and knowledge is evil. Dude, she is a witch.

3. She warned you from having ice-cream, you had it, the very next day your tonsil killed you. She can predict the future, she is a witch.

4. She is opinionated and doesn’t shut her mouth if something is annoying her. Probably she is casting the spells.

5. She says she doesn’t have money to buy clothes, but always end up looking fabulous on a date. Search for her magic wand.

6. She is very close to nature…hahaha, remember the witches love to dance in the wild.

7. She likes broom over a vacuum cleaner, and you don’t believe the electricity bill excuse.

8. You tried to woo her, but your feelings were never acknowledged.  She wants to be alone forever with no love interest, you see, witches are cursed to be single, miserable and alone.

9. She is determined and really works hard to achieve what she wants. If you flip through the historical and anthropological books about witches then you will find the way they slog nights after nights cooking something on their big earthen pot with shadows of fire accompanying their chants.

10. Earlier, they were hunted and burned, now, they are jailed and treated as outcast…that’s for the literal witch. The metaphorical witches questions authority, questions traditions; questions religion; questions everything under the sun…thus, they find themselves in minority.


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