Dragons fly and they emit fire from their nostrils, I bleed every month. The existence of dragons is questionable. Debates and discussions are appreciated if a good documentary director documents it intelligently. On the other hand, my existence as a woman is hahaha, the members of my school fight among themselves and often they are their worst enemy. Anyway, the only thing that is similar between the dragons and an opinionated woman like me is- people are afraid of us for some eccentric reasons…fire?

Dear Diary,
As you know that I do not belong to Delilah school anymore, I have the liberty to write this note to you without the fear of being fined or sued even if some uncivilised soul sneaks through it.

In the Delilah school, I was taught always to make room for unexpected in oneself, but I realised I have claustrophobia. I never held a top position in any of offices, I am not beautiful and I am full of fear, I am afraid of unwanted attention, I am scared of criticisms, and I pee on my jeans when I see wild animals because I have been conditioned to see animals only inside the cage. We were taught to be perfect, so flawless that every word uttered from our mouth becomes supreme. The members of the school were taught to attain beauty, charm and seduction, intelligence and wit, I was the round peg in a square hole. I was lazy to groom in summer and was heartless during winter. The members of this school are always put under competition with members of other schools like Eve School, Esther School and Mary School. Every inch of action is to put members of another school down or to trap and make men kneel to the ground.  I told them to relax as we had the oldest technology in the world, I said, ‘Uterus is the oldest 3D printer known to mankind. And we are going nowhere.’ They looked in anger, that’s when I knew my days in this School were numbered. I don’t have a lover, or a friend, or a husband or children, I think everything in this world is overrated, I think solitude is the most underrated thing on this earth.

Top secret, we had a lesson on subtle seduction too. I objected it, such objection came from my belief that nothing in this world is subtle because every subtle action or words have bigger consequences than the unsubtle ones. They charged me, I paid some thousand bucks. Again they charged me when I suggested them that instead of polishing us to hit a target, why don’t we think of shielding us from being a target. They were quick in collecting fines from me, maybe, I was worth taking fines from or maybe, I was just being a reflective tunnel from where the air passes and they thought breathing was a bad ritual. It does not need a drunken soul to sense there is disunity even among the pioneers of this school, hence, no major contribution has been offered by this school.

I believe in expression and they glorify codification of everything including repression. Well, seduction can be a form of expression which they are good at, but, what good does it do when all the women of this school separate themselves with strict boundary. The sole element that functions alongside the realm of expression is to have a relationship with the over-all strategies to achieve the purpose of its execution. In the initial days, I made friends with some liberal members within my school, turns out they were the worst. I wonder how they could fake it so well, I too fake it sometimes but my accommodative nature springs out from the sheer belief that we do not have to scale and live, unlike those people who have nothing but their investment for their larger interest. 

It is true that no divine creature will come down to fix the car or change the light bulb. I wonder why we all cannot live in unity with the members of other schools. No, we can’t!

Written with so much redemption in the air,
Miss Lamekumer.


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