1. Every writer has her/his own addiction. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Killing (worse case), Smoking, some weird addiction which is usually not an addiction but an addiction for us. Can you handle these? 
2.Don’t expect us to make the first move, we don’t have the time. In case if you really want then write to us or if your language sucks then come forward and give us a big clue to understand your feelings.
     3. We are writers, we are poor people. Of course, there are J.K.Rowlings and Salman Rushdies, but they are someone who won’t or you won’t date, so if you expect us to be rich then you are living under the greatest misconception. 
4. Don’t ever use the word ‘struggling’ before our occupation. There are better substitutes like ‘aspiring’ or ‘blooming’ or ‘budding’ but the best one is ‘underrated’. 
5. We are crazy people; we have an unconventional way of living. Don’t tell us to change, for this is the reason why you fall in love with us at the first place. If you’re willing then adjust or the door is wide open for you to leave.
6. Yes, we are crazy people but we are not retarded. Don’t ever lie to us; we know when you are lying. Years of observing people and reading their expressions have taught us one thing, that we are smarter and better liars than you, so don’t try to outwit us.
7. Writers have a strange sleeping pattern, some rarely sleeps. If you are in a live-in relationship with a writer or is married or going to marry a writer then get used to the sound of the keyboard. At least, we are doing the duty of a night security personnel for free. 
8. When you are with us, we might not give you the best of gift, but surely we will give you the most creative of gifts.
9. We love travelling, do let us know if you have motion sickness or else please don’t accompany us and spoil our so called ‘inspiration seeking trip’.
10. Sometimes we get lost in our thoughts, please don’t continuously inquire, “What happened?” Because you are not the reason.
11. We talk about people. Please don’t think that we are bitching or gossiping about them.It is just that some kind of constructive plot is structuring in our mind.
12. Don’t mistake our communication skill as petty flirtation.   
13. Don’t leave us in our worst of times. We might dedicate our magnum opus to you.
14. When you gift us, gift us something which has to do with writing ranging from vintage typewriter to Mac Book Air :P
15. When you are with a writer don’t praise other writers. I mean, you can, but not like say, ‘I love this writer…I bought all his/her books…crazy, crazy, crazy.’ By the way, this is not called jealousy, rivalry or insecurity but it is called ‘seriously you spend more money and time on that book than mine?’
16.Until and unless you yourself is an Award Winning writer, please don’t give us unnecessary corrections.
17.Always encourage and inspire us. We might be sociable but deep down inside, we are a loner. We are a loner that is the reason why we write. 
18. If you have to leave us, then don’t give us 101 reasons. One true, solid reason is enough to convince us not to let you stay in our heart.
19. There is a saying, ‘If a writer falls in love with you, you will never die.’ Always, remember these lines. Interpretation up to you.
20. So, when are you going to ask a writer for a cup of coffee?

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  2. You are both humorous and incisive here.
    Loved so many things about the post ....

  3. Loknenyangla, this is probably your best work so far. Hats Off :p

  4. Totally convinced, u r a budding writer. You will hate people like me because we only download, we never buy :(


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