Let me tell you a story about a man and a woman…
She was dying, he was her ex-lover,
He came to visit her with a bouquet and his wedding card,
Maybe he could not think of a better way to hurt her.
She knew him totally, his intentions, his actions,
‘Finally, the loser is going to score.’
Sarcasm was her first language.
To this, he replied, ‘too bad, you’ll be dead to see my victory,’
She gave back, ‘trust me, I ‘m going to live long enough to see you miserable, ruined and divorced.’
He smiled, ‘no way, she is not like you.’
‘Sweeter than honey, dangerous than cyanide, that’s me,’ she threw the card on the floor.
As usual, he came up with a conclusion, ‘let’s strike a deal, shall we?’
‘Oh, the same predictable you. What’s the deal?’
‘If you survive this bloody ordeal then I lose. If I survive my marriage then you lose.’
‘I will survive, deal!’ It was a thumb up from her side,
He walked away, deep down he was desperate to lose,
She smirked, deep down she was desperate to lose.
Their egos were huge but it was pendulum,
After a month, she passed away…
He never got divorced.
No, he didn’t win the deal,
The truth is, he never got married,
Maybe he was determined to let her win, maybe he loved her in his own way…
I am told, he is waiting for the day to hear these words from her, ‘you bastard! You cheated. I won! I won!


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