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My Bucketful of condolence to Madam Pushkar’s family, it was tragic. I never considered Shashi Tharoor handsome or rich, but never liked someone branding Madam Pushkar as ‘gold digging whore’. How easy it is for someone to call a woman by names which mean nothing but disrespect. Perhaps for some people, it might be easy, and easier will be to put a woman in the box which synonymous with everything that is ‘immoral’.

Sigmund Freud, the great psychoanalyst in 1925 wrote, yes, Freud, the same guy who brought about the theory of ‘Penis Envy’, I quote,

“Where such men love they have no desire, and where they desire they cannot love.”

It was interpreted as, a man in his psyche sees a woman in only two roles either as ‘Madonna’ <nope, not the singer Madonna, Madonna here implies Mother Mary> or as ‘Whore’. The image in his mind is either of Saintly Virgin or Sexual Whore. As historical perception has it, ‘Madonna’ is the woman he is going to marry for sure, as she is 100% virgin, hence virtuous , on the other hand, ‘Whore’ won’t fit in the role of Madonna, she is used only for sex as she is fast-easy-bad-woman. ‘Madonna’ is the woman whom he is going to love and respect but won’t be a sexual object; on the other hand, ‘Whore’ will be the woman he desires but never will he shower his respect or love.  Well, in my sincere optimism, I want to score on the understanding that in bed a whore is better than his inexperienced wife. A whore is not a dog jumping with joy after learning some stupid skills from his master. Does virginity is the only way of proving a woman is pious? Will a whore be never loved and respected? Interestingly, statistics (held in western countries) shows that in this present age, for man virginity is no more an issue, what they seek is compatibility. Well, debates are going on to verify whether religion and cultural background have anything to do with strengthening or losing of this notion. Anyway, as an unwanted addition I just want to put this argument that this world has witnessed industrial revolution-computer age- space age- nuclear power age, so along with all these ages, many roles and understanding of roles has undergone a tremendous change.
For me, a woman can be ‘mother’ figure for some men and a ‘whore’ figure for other men. By figure, I do not mean the vital statistics; I am talking about the role.  

To the brats out there I want to shout out, “Virginity huh? Kiss my ass.”

Experimenting with Delhi: Taking it to a larger picture, I want to echo the lines from the lecture which I attended a month ago,

For a man, women of his ‘household’ are held under the label ‘mother’ and the ‘other’ as the ‘whore’.”

If so then let Delhi be a laboratory, the girls coming from North East are the ‘others’ for the mainlanders and with the feeling of ‘others,’ they are seen as someone who won’t be fitting in the frame of ‘mother’. To label the other as the whore has greater debates and I have not read much on it, some funding agency should sponsor me and send me to some institute *any university in G8 countries will do* But, to consider all the women from North East as fast, loose moral, easy to jump in bed (as if we were trained in gymnastics) in sexy lingerie (50% sale Sarojini Nagar), is a pathetic generalization, a fallacy doomed to fail. And, with that, I hear a song dedicated to those cavemen,

“I am on my highway to hell coz’ little knowledge is so dangerous…everyone says my head is filled with kilos of shit, I wonder how helmets find on it. Stop generalizing, some Northeastern girls are more homely and pure then your definition of homely and pure.” Lyrics? I wrote it.

Personally, I believe race, religion, sex, caste or region or whatever should not be the ground to judge someone, especially women.

Particular arrangement: Why should a woman be judged on the ground of what she looks like or what she is wearing? She paid the money for what she wanted to buy, right? Fine, I don’t wear hot pants in summer coz’ I am worried about sunburns at noon and mosquitoes at night <outdoors>. Oops! I should not forget that our country is a country where even female Tennis players are expected to play FULL CLOTHED!

By now, someone must have already tagged me as a ‘hardcore, bra burning, radical feminist’, if only they edit their knowledge for I am a simple woman that promotes the feminism which Sunny Leone preaches, pure sarcasm. Even if I am a feminist, I swear I won’t die and be remembered as a miserable, bitter, angered woman. I am going to seek and explore knowledge to encourage the needy woman so as to exploit the greedy female patriarchs who betrayed their own gender and of course, some moronic imbecile men.

In whatever way men may categorize a woman: sweet, sexy, smart, clumsy, feminine, tomboyish, dumb, intelligent, charming, dull etc. But, there are only two types of women in this world. Below is the figure for graphic understanding:
Two Types of Women

 (a)Happy and contended in the patriarchal system  
 (b) Sisters out there, don’t you think something is wrong in the existing system?

Source: Ayangti’s Grey Cells


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  2. Well written. Awesome as usual (Y)

  3. "Two Types of Women:
    (a)Happy and contended in the patriarchal system
    (b) Sisters out there, don’t you think something is wrong in the existing system?"

    Such a lovely read!! Happy Women's Day (or week ^_^ )

  4. Ma'm, I want to take the case of boys and expect your attention. Our Indian society is way too rigid, if you leave aside metros most of teenagers date each other without any prior knowledge of their parents. If you know human anatomy right a male gets aroused within fractions of seconds and its really time taking process for female implies a male desires almost every girl but a girl has to choose for herself and its a time taking process. India had a long tradition of child marriages and almost everyone must have been satisfied as soon as they step in puberty, sorry it's my assumption. After the period of reformations in particular after independence the legal age of marriage was raised up. Hormones in particular (testosterone and estrogen) show up at an age when people enter into puberty and things are really out of control at that point of time. Sex and affairs have been taboo in Indian society till present, but ideally some 100 years back there was no need of affairs when you r married at 10 and all your hormones are at ease. Most of the girls in current India are taught by mothers about the details of sexual behaviour but fathers are ignorant to teach their sons. Boys learn by discussing themselves in group or by some cheap literature or cinema. Then comes the discovery period when boys start creeping around, but tell me frankly how much % of boys get a girl, as far as I have observed 95% of boys want to be in a relationship and less than 40% gets what they want. You expect everyone else to be sexually inactive before marriage, its really not the boy's fault but the problem lies in his hormones which gets excited whenever he sees a girl. Contradictorily its really easy for girls to get the action if they crave for it. Modern Indian society has more than one problem, both economically and socially. What we need is not reforms because it will be very slow and only your children would be able to witness it, because 20-30 years is too small a time at a world level. What we need is a revolution and a quick one.

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